Electric guitar is totally different than any other instrument, especially while using distortion. To create a great tone on electric guitar, one must be truly aware of the sounds coming out of their amplifier, as well as from the instrument itself. If you want to sound your best on electric guitar, make sure to be aware of the following common pitfalls:

  1. Excess feedback, string noise, and pickup buzzing: Electric guitar paired with a loud distorted amplifier is an such an extremely lively instrument that even very small movements across the strings can become audible. Also, feedback is seeping through the amp every time you let a string loose to run wild. Are you using single coils or split coil pickups? Make sure you turn the volume on your guitar down between playing so you don’t have to talk over the extra sounds.

  2. Finger and pick placement: As drastically as the distortion changes the tone of your guitar, the way you pick and fret play a huge role in the sound quality of your playing. Make sure that you place your left hand fingers in the sweet spot of your frets each time, and that you are aware when you are picking smoothly or in a more edgy manner. Using the different sounds available to you will freshen up the tone and give you a chance to work on the many voices of your electric guitar.

  3. Play cleanly with synced hands: Although distortion can make you feel like you can play faster and more cleanly, be sure to always judge your quick licks under clean sounds and distortion. The better it sounds on a clean channel, the better it will sound on the distortion channel. Take the time to make your fancy picking is truly synced with both hands.

This Article was written by Wiebe Ophorst of www.LogansquareGuitarschool.com Check it out!!