by Maurice Richard

Learning to play guitar is a very popular skill that people want to learn and for good reason!

Guitar is the most popular instrument in today's music world by a long shot and not about to be dethroned anytime soon.

It is also one of the most versatile and reasonably priced instruments you will find. You can carry it virtually anywhere you go.

You will see it at the heart of many social gatherings whether it be a campfire by the lake or a kitchen party in your home.

It's definitely an asset to learn how to play guitar in today's world! However, you want to go about it the right way.

Here are 3 reasons why you should invest the time to find a trained guitar teacher to help you learn how to play.

1. They Are Better Teachers

The most important reason you want a trained guitar teacher is because they have actual training on how to teach!

There are many people out there who teach guitar but not many of them have training on how to do it. They are really good guitar players or have a lot of education in music but that does not make them good at teaching.

Because of that most of them are using the trial and error method to teach you and try to help learn properly. You do not want to be someone's training subject with your time and money.

That's why it is very important to find someone who is already trained on how to teach and even better if they have training specific to guitar.

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Knowing information is great and many guitar teachers have lots of that, but knowing how to communicate and teach that to you so you can understand and do it yourself is what matters most.

2. You Avoid Mistakes And Bad Habits

This is the number one frustrating part of learning to play guitar and what makes or breaks your chances to successfully learn.

It's easy to get a friend to show you a few things, look in a book or go to the internet to learn but in the end you need a trained person there to help you make sure everything is done properly.

This is especially important when you first learn to play because everything you do at the start forms the foundation for your future success so you want to make sure you get it right.

I learned to play guitar on my own for many years and then I tried with a few untrained teachers. I experienced limited success and a lot of frustration. I could not put it all together.

Finally finding and hiring a trained guitar teacher exposed so many problems in my playing. It took a long time but we worked on them and fixed most them and my playing soared like never before and I was able to play the way I always wanted.

It really makes a huge difference in your results and success.

3. You Progress At Your Pace Not Theirs

One thing a trained guitar teacher can do that others typically can't do is know the best pace to teach you new concepts.
That's because not everyone goes at the same pace. What most teachers do is they teach a program the same way and at the same pace for everyone.
That works great for some people but there will be many that find it too slow and boring and many others that will find it too fast and overwhelming. If you are one of those there is not much you can do.

Other teachers try to teach you at your pace. They ask you what you want to learn next and then go from there. Problem with that is how do you know what is beyond your abilities or not? You don't!
So, you end up with the same problems either way.
A trained guitar teacher will know exactly what things you need to work on and when and make sure you are progressing at the fastest pave you can handle without overwhelming you.

Invest In Yourself By Hiring A Professional

You can try to learn to play guitar in many different ways, but not all of them are the same and not all of them get you the same result for the time and/or money you put into them.

You can go the cheap route and try to learn on your own for free using online resources. All the information is out there somewhere.

The problem is that you have no idea what information is right for you at the level you are at. There is so much available it is overwhelming to try and sort it all.

Finding a professionally trained guitar teacher will solve this problem. They will create a plan for you and help you learn where you are and challenge you at your pace.

Sure, they are not free, but they are worth every penny you invest learning from them.

About The Author:
Maurice Richard is a professional guitar teacher that operates out of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has been a member of an elite guitar teaching mentorship program since 2007 and has taught many people how to learn to play the guitar. Find a trained guitar teacher to help you learn in Halifax by visiting his website right now!